Sunday, February 23, 2014

To Snowboard or Ski?

Charlotte has been asking to try snowboarding. I have done my best for two years to talk her out of it. Telling her how much she was going to fall. How she has to wait to be an expert skier first. Warning her she might hate starting out relegated to only the bunny slopes.  However, this weekend dad caved and decided it would be ok to let her give it a shot. Warm spring day, another friend who was going to try for the first time, and a borrowed snowboard from Vanessa O. all made giving it go a little easier.

As expected there were lots of spills. Three pairs of wet gloves. And one exhausted girl. However, she really seemed to love it and enjoyed the "newness" of it.

So now we tackle the age old snowboard or ski?  We are pretty sure the answer is going to be to ski....however there may be a few more snowboarding runs in Charlotte's future.  I wish I had learned when I was younger...I may as well encourage both of them and let her pick which is her favorite.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone. The dogs are getting old... The girls are growing... And we sit back and watch how much they have developed. Charlotte quirky Happy kid who still loves to flap her hands. Maeve the serious one who hates competition but loves to play 'babies'.
For New Year's Eve we decided to spend it with friends... The Vaughan 's and the Robinson's. Unfortunately the Robinsons had a sick little one so they were not able to make it. So off we went to Purity Springs Resort for a night away. Life has come full circle as the Vaughan family was one that we first met (and liked)  when we moved to town.
The best way to describe Purity Springs Resort is to envision you grandmother's old house. Decor from a bygone era and a smell that is not bad or good but there for all to experience. The kids enjoyed it and in the end that is all that matters.
Highlight of the trip was actually having Shelby ski with the kids. Oh and the negative 11 temperatures. Nothing screams new years eve like a case of frost bite.

Charlotte's 1st picture of 2014.  She has her ice skating dress on because she thought she was going ice skating. But it was too cold. So we went swimming instead. 

Maeve relaxing by the waterfall. First picture of 2014.

The "duck face" was soooo 2013.  In 2014 is the year of the fish face!

Kids in a bar. Enough said. 

Shelby singing a duet with Scott Vaughan. Take notice of the woman in the foreground with the hat. Her face says, "they with you guys? ugh".  Yes lady, they are with us and yes they sound that bad. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sweep for the Easter Bonnet Contest

After a 1 year hiatus, we decided to try our hand at the Annual New Boston Easter Bonnet Contest.  When we first entered the contest 5 years ago, the competition was virtually non-existent. Mostly just bonnets with a little bit of decoration.  Year after year the entrants step up their game.  This year was a tough one.  Making it even harder was having to make two different bonnets. One for Charlotte and one for Maeve.  We let the girls know that its all in fun and that all that matters.  Deep down, dad knew his creative mind couldn't take a loss. With his brilliant idea and the girls creative touch there was no way he was going to lose.  

The good news is despite not winning the MegaMillions, the girls did each win a coveted spot in each age group.  Maeve with her beekeeper bonnet and Charlotte with crazy bird lady birdcage bonnet.   Next years entries all already being dreamed up by dad's crazy brain.

Crazy bird lady!

Metal birdcage was a little heavy for her.

Finishing touches on the bee keeper bonnet.

Walking for the judges. 

Her first win!

So proud!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Tonight at the dinner tablet, Mom, Dad, Maeve, and Charlotte were talking about Easter.  One of the things dad likes most about Easter is cooking lamb. Dad proceeded to tell the kids he was going to grill a leg of lamb.  Charlotte said, " Yum!" then paused and asked "Will it have fuzz or just meat?".  The answer to Charlotte was "No fuzz".  Crazy kid.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Our St. Patricks day was spent at Pat's Peak soaking up the clouds and skiing on the mush. Mom and Maeve did thier best "decking" with friends. To top it off Dad entered the spring Pond Skimming contest, costume and all. While dad didn't skim all the way across the pond, the crazy bull riding pond skimmer did walk away with the title of "Best Costume" and a $50 gift card to the ski shop. The $50 was promptly spent on some fancy dancy Oakley ski goggles that mom HATES.

Here is Charlotte with her buddies.  Colin (getting the head pat, Mason, Brodie, and Brendan).

Charlotte enjoying a little hot chocolate on the deck!

Our intermediate skiier!

Dad and Dan Robinson taking a fun run. Nothing like a quick run on the mogul trail to make you feel old!
Maeve enjoying a hot treat

Mom and Maeve walking over to see dad and Dan pond skim.

Mom and Rachael cheering on the guys.

Dans costume imploded as it hit the water.  Hours of work gluing quickly came undone in the water.

Still cleaning the water!

Dad the bull rider on the way up to the pond skim

Ride'm cowboy


Playing the the judges

Wet but still inflated!

We all had a great weekend and it was a great way to end our ski season and an awesome way to celebrate St. Patricks day. To top it off Sunday was full of sun and Maeve and Charlotte played all day in the yard while dad raked the yard and pruned bushes. Luckily he was able to enjoy his new hammock and his amazing wife even made him a cocktail to enjoy.